Six Tips To Increase A Law Firm Productivity

Six Tips To Increase A Law Firm Productivity

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For most law firms, making profits is always an end goal. Therefore, it is important for law firms to think about how they can spend less time on the administrative tasks of law and more time actually practicing the law. This article will provide ways of unlocking productivity and increasing billable hours for your law firm. Measuring productivity in any firm always comes down to the same basic rule; time is money.

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Below, find tips on how to increase productivity for your law firm:

Use Law Practice Management Software

By using software for law firms you will not need to loose on any of your billable time by relying on your memory to enter time worked. There are software systems that can track and easily capture time. It is always best to choose a practice management software that works for you. Ensure to always test the software before you invest in it.

Set Productivity Targets For Your Staff

You can set two kinds of targets for your staff; one for the minimum acceptable contribution of each staff and the other target can be a bonus-triggered target. Setting targets ensures that your staff are working as expected and at the same time it ensures that your law firm is able to achieve its targets.

Encourage Your Staff To Record Billable Time

It is of utmost importance that you train your staff to record all the time taken to complete a task. This will ensure that a client is charged accordingly. You can consider getting a Legal Case Management Software that will help in doing this.

Get a Paperless Office

Though this is can be quite a frightening idea, having a paperless office will save your law firm a lot of money. This can cut costs on rental space, supplies, equipment, labor and storage. A paperless office not only adds your firm’s profits, but the time saved and improved efficiency results in increased opportunities in networking and marketing, which helps you get more clients and eventually boosts on your productivity and revenue.

Take Control Over Write-Offs

It is advisable that the principal in the law firm should handle and approve all write-offs. This will ensure that the principal will get to identify why time has to be written off and change the way things were done to ensure that it does not happen again. You can make use of Software for Law Firms to avoid write-offs and this will in turn increase your law firm’s productivity.

Coaching and Mentoring Your Staff

The principals of the law firm should coach and mentor the staff on time management and productivity. Passing down knowledge to your staff goes a long way in improving their skills and boosting their confidence, resulting to increased productivity for your law firm. Avoid just merely demanding productivity improvements from them, but train them on time management tips and techniques through mentoring, coaching and support.

It is time that you put productivity at the top of your docket! Your law firm’s time is very valuable and the best way to prove it is by conducting its productivity audit.

Go ahead and implement the above suggestions and you are guaranteed that they will increase your law firm’s productivity. Better productivity is bound to improve your sense of accomplishment for your law firm.

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