IronWorks Case Management Software – Going Above and Beyond

IronWorks Case Management Software – Going Above and Beyond

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Running and maintaining a busy law firm is no small task and we here at IronWorks understand that better than most. To help you get and stay organized and efficient, our team of experienced professionals have created a free Case Management Software that you can even customize to best fit your needs. We have striven to provide a user friendly platform including an easy download process that can get you organized and heading for success TODAY!

IronWorks Case management softeware for law firms
Going Above & Beyond with IronWorks

We have designed our case management software to offer you a one-stop-shop that has all of your client’s information, means of communication to your client and team members, ways to track billing information, and more. We also know how working within a law firm can require a level of security and for that, we have incorporated an optional field encryption on any field that you deem sensitive information to be safe-guarded. We also include our Smart Workflow feature which is an advanced events engine and will trigger activities, comments, billing, and other items when fields are populated, activities are completed, or documents are uploaded. This helps you to stay on top of your case load and organized so you never miss anything and your clients stay happy with your superb performance.

We have also included an integrated messaging system within the IronWorks software that is a system-wide chat that enables you to be able to collaborate with your team as a whole or only with your client or everyone together. This allows you to have one program for everything along with saving all conversations if needed in the future. Switch over to our time and billing feature that allows you to easily and efficiently keep track of your billing. Within this feature, you can create invoices, track payments, and more. This allows for more convenience for you and organization to ensure that you get paid and your client knows exactly where they stand and what they are paying for.

Our user friendly case software comes to you at absolutely no cost and with no catch. IronWorks has been working with law firms for almost a decade trying to create the Best Case Management Software for your practice. We have such confidence in our product that we give it to you for free knowing that with your immense satisfaction of the initial product, you will find it worth it to purchase additional add-on tools that help you run your firm even smoother. In addition, we offer exceptional customer support that is here to help along the way should you get stuck. So why wait? Head over to our website now and let us start helping you TODAY!

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