Benefit of Efficient Case Management with IronWorks

Benefit of Efficient Case Management with IronWorks

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Are you working in a law firm where there is a lot of factors that should be managed such as customers, letters, reports, billing and other items that require your time and concentration? In order not to forget or lose anything, we provide the solution you are looking for. We present to you IronWorks, the cutting-edge case management software, and it is free!

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Efficient Case Management with IronWorks

Accessing the information about a law case is now easier than before. You have the following services at your disposal: creating, tracking, storing and reviewing all kinds of case details and information, emails and documents, relevant contact details, time management data, expenses and billing details, reports, research work, details of appointments, deadlines, reminders and tasks.

We know that most people fear that if a software is free it has fewer features. However, our product includes all the features and we provide full support to our customers with the installation, team training and problem solving. Allow us to be your angel and support you in this world of paperwork. IronWorks is a user-friendly software that includes everything one needs for the table to run a successful law firm.

IronWorks runs Apache, which means that it runs on any platform, beginning with Windows, Linux, to OSX and Solaris so that our software can run anywhere from your own servers to the cloud.

In addition, our support center is there to help you anytime with any problem you encounter. If you would like us to setup and configure IronWorks, we could do this for you or we could train your personnel as well.

Regardless of your choice, we provide quality service and you will be satisfied with the outcome. Among the services IronWorks provide, you can find Support, Training, Installation and Configuration, Reporting, Integrations, Customizations. Also, you can install our premium add-ons that will save your precious time and money, enhance your work quality, and your practice.

We know that there are many case management software providers on the market and we are well aware that in order to gain the trust of our customers is by offering them our total support and quality service. Serving people is what we do. Let us earn your trust with our fantastic free software so that we may earn your business as your firm grows and prospers. All we do is customer oriented. We assure you, that even the most demanding customer will be satisfied. Check out our website for further information or call us and we will be happy to schedule a demonstration and answer any questions you might have.

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