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IronWorks is and will always be free, but the real magic happens when you combine IronWorks with our premium add-ons that save you time and money, increase your work quality, and improve your practice.

Mass Document Generation

IronWorks has built in document generation, but what if you want to merge documents for many matters at once for a service transfer or other large scale document filing?  This add-on will allow you to merge a set of documents for a list of matters at once rather than doing them one-at-a-time.

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Process Server Integration

Do you work with a process server that you know and trust?  Do they have to send a courier to pick-up your documents to serve, scan them, key-in data and then bring back stacks or service returns for you and your team to scan and key-in data manually?  With our process server integration add-on, you can connect to any process server using Process Server Toolbox to electronically submit documents to serve as well as receive information and documents from your process server directly into IronWorks saving you time and money.

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Accounting Exports

Does your accounting system have a format to import invoices and payments?  If so, we can use our standard export add-on to build a data export in that format to save you hours of re-keying invoice data for every matter you bill from IronWorks.

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Reporting and Analytics

If you have IronWorks then you have data about your practice, matters, clients and more.  This means you now have data that you can analyze for operational and decision making purposes.  We provide an add-on that allows you to query the data in your IronWorks system using a point-and-click query builder.

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