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Free? What's the catch?

No catch. We have been working with law firms for almost a decade providing automation, integrations, and reports. What we have learned is that most case management software is too expensive and too complex. We want to change that by providing an unbeatable product at a truly unbeatable price. In return, we hope you will appreciate our investment in your practice's future and the effort that has gone into making our software and use the money saved to purchase our add-on tools that make your practice smarter and more efficient or hire us to manage, improve and support your environment.

Sound fair to you?

Get IronWorks

IronWorks can be run on any machine that runs Apache, including Windows, Linux, OSX or Solaris. It can be installed locally on your network or in the cloud. You can get up and running on IronWorks in a number of ways.

  • Download the IronWorks windows installer.
  • Download the IronWorks PHP installer.
  • Install with one click on a of web host that uses the Softaculous easy installer.
  • Contact us for your own supported and managed cloud server running IronWorks. (HIPAA compliant servers available.)

Professional Services

Many firms are weary of free software because they believe that with the free price-tag comes a lack of support, training and customization. However, when you download IronWorks, know that you can always reach us for support, whether you opt for a month-to-month support contract or just want to pay-as-you-go on an as-needed hourly basis. You are never alone and never drawn into large contracts or long-term commitments. We pride ourselves on stellar support and professional services and can provide the references to prove it!

  • Mass Document Generation
  • Process Server Integration
  • Accounting Exports
  • Reporting and Analytics

Premium Add-Ons

In the Information Age, case and practice management software is a basic necessity for any law firm. Having this software doesn't provide a competitive advantage when everyone else has it, but with our add-on features, you can expand IronWorks beyond basic practice management to decrease operating costs and gain a real advantage.

  • Integrate with thousands of process servers for automatic transmission of data and documents back and forth.
  • Glean real business insight with reporting and analytics.
  • Automatic outsourcing of Florida electronic court filing.
  • Custom exports for your accounting software.
  • Much more!

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